Wednesday 27 July 2022

Gbas - We Learn. Gbos - We Unlearn.

When I wrote about my anniversary a few weeks ago, I wrote about how the first year was blissful and I didn’t understand why people say it is the hardest year.

Well, quick update – the arguments in the last few weeks are more than what was had in the preceding one year. We have been giving each other gbas gbos* LOL.

Marriage is something that you can never completely grasps. When you think you have figured it out, there’s always more to learn. In fact, it’s like signing up for school where you have to be the student at all times and the teacher at specific moments. There is always something to learn and unlearn. So, as we go through this difficult gbas gbos stage, I am still thankful for it because it gives us an opportunity to learn, unlearn and most importantly keep trusting God on this beautiful journey we chose to embark on, on a hot sunny day in a Rose Garden.

FASHION: I am absolutely obsessed with Nigerian Designers. I ordered this outfit from a Nigerian-based Fashion Designer - Niovo Official. It was custom made because I had to send precise measurements and I had to maintain those measurements for 3 weeks while I waited for the outfit...jk jk (not really). Anyways, my favourite part about this outfit? It has something inside the top that cinches your waist in giving you the illusion of the hour glass shape society has conditioned us to think is ideal. I talked about the shoes in a Previous Post Here. The purse is one of my favourites part of this outfit. It is a Vintage Gold Purse that adds some character to the outfit and it is only $30!!! You can purchase it Here and check out other suggestions Here.

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*Gbas Gbos is a Nigerian slang meaning a war of words between  two or more people.

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  1. I absolutely love your style. Thanks for sharing the reality of marriage. It has its ups and downs for sure.

  2. Hahahahaahaha! One thing about marriage, it’s truly a journey. Love the outfits.


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