Sunday 28 October 2012


You know that saying of "I am not my hair", well some days, you have to remind yourself that and today is one of those days for me. As you can see, I chopped off most of my hair because 1.) I need to start growing it again  2.) I have an unexplainable fascination with looking like a little boy. Let me start off with saying that this has been a rather long year for me. I've had to make life changing decisions and I've had to go through life without having all the answers but trusting God regardless. I've been in a place that has been far from good and dare I say, I even struggled with depression. However, I've lifted my feet off the ground (with God's help of course) and I'm soaring like an eagle. I'm in a good place with so many beautiful people in my life and I desperately wanted to celebrate my new beginning with growing some <INSERT WHATEVER FLOATS YOUR BOAT HERE> and cutting my hair which I've been wanting to do for a while. However when I got it cut yesterday, I didn't want to look at the mirror. I wanted my hair back but just as I've learnt this year, there are so many things we want but do not need and I do not need weak and damaged ends on my hair.

I really wanted to look girly because my hair is not exactly girly and I appreciate having a feminine look. I initially thought of a pencil dress but not exactly in the mood to skip breakfast so my tummy can be extra flat. I don't play with my food and NO, I wasn't born with a flat tummy. YES, I tuck it in sometimes. BITE ME! Finally, I opted for an outfit that left room for a big breakfast but did not take away from my feminity and I went old school with this. By the way I'm 20 so when I say old school, roll with me. Ever since, colour blocking trend came back, it's almost an offence to wear clothes with just one colour. People would say you're too matchy matchy. Well, today, I am MATCHY MATCHY, but who cares? I'M HAPPY 

PS; sorry for the picture quality, it was windy and drizzling at the same time and I didn't want to mess up my hair or my lens!!!
 I also met a lovely reader of the blog who suggested that I put the links to the outfits, so I have decided to start doing that now. Thanks babe..

Shirt & Tights - Primark
Skirt- Tap Designs (Previously seen HERE and HERE and blog HERE)
Shoes - Zara (LINK)
Jewelry- New Look (LINKLINK)
Jacket - New Look (Old)
Earrings - Mum's

"Whenever God does not get us out of a situation, He needs us to go through it and He will give us the strength to go through it"

Have an amazing week guys. 

Lots of love, then kisses, then more love,

Friday 26 October 2012


I see a lot of blogs about 'a day in the life' and these stuff always look so glamorous so I decided to show you how I'm spending my friday night. Expect GLAM guys!!!!

1. I go to my bathroom, put my hand on my hair and form 'sexy' pose
2. I take off my make up in a not so sexy way
3. Make up off

4. Comb my hair and try to show you my faux hawk but that was a fail
5. Second attempt to show my faux hawk so this time I'm pointing. You MUST see it
6. Out of the shower. runs to grab camera (like this is normal) to take a picture and not looking one bit like a bond girl :(
7. Towel dried my hair and showing you it's natural curls in what looks like a mug shot

8. Well, I'm deep conditioning my hair hence my polka dot shower cap
9. Securing that shower cap with a silk scarf
10. Get on the blog to upload this stuff

What do you think? Is this a glam friday night or what? 

On a more serious note, there's a new beauty must have for people who like make up but just can't be arsed to do a full face. It's a BB cream. Well, it's not new but I just found out about it. I love this stuff, I just apply it like I would apply cream on my face with no primer, concealer or foundation and the awesome thing is that it is actually treating your skin at the same time and it DOES NOT look cakey. The annoying thing is if you have oily/combination skin, you may need to take your blotting sheets with you.....
I use the SMASH BOX BB CREAM IN DARK. It's a little dark for me but I can't be bothered. I get too pale these days.

Have w lovely weekend guys,
Lots of love and more love

Sunday 21 October 2012


I love being a woman and dressing up in a feminine way but sometimes there's still this unexplainable attraction I have to dressing like a boy. It's like I wake up one morning, look at my boobs and bum and go 'kilele' which in my language means 'what is this?' and I think well, let's cover this and that's what happened today. An old friend got me this tux blazer and he has been waiting for it to get featured on my blog. So, Femi, I hope you're happy now. This is one of my favourite blazers at the moment. I used the peplum belt and heels to add a little feminine touch. So what do you think guys. can I pass for a man?

Blazer - Zara
Shirt - George
Trouser - Primark
Peplum Belt - River Island
Shoes - New Look

"I don't have pride in my knowledge of the Bible, I have pride in the fact that I know Jesus Christ"

Lots of love,

Friday 19 October 2012


I've never been more excited for a friday. It has been a long week and I am extremely knackered as I write this but I thought I'd show you three of my uni outfits this week. Comfort is what I go for on school days. Honestly, who invented school? uurrgghhh!!




Monday: Jacket - Ebay// Jumper & Brogues - Primark// Leggings & Socks - Asos// Bag - Zara

Tuesday: Striped jumper & Shoes - Primark// Jeans- River Island// Jacket - Ebay// Belt - Dockers, Hat - Asos

Friday: Top - Topshop// Midi Skirt - New Look// Boots - Ebay

"Sometimes, it's not about being extravagant or deep. Sometimes all I really want to say is that I love Jesus and I pray you do too"

Lots of love, hugs and kisses,

Sunday 14 October 2012


(Forgot to cream properly and yes, I have really wide feet)

(lipstick on the teeth. lol)

Peplum top // Shoes - Topshop
Boyfriend jeans- Asos
Necklace - River Island
Belt - Dockers
Wristwatch - Versace

This is about peplum. I love it on other people not just on myself and I was like nahhh, I'm not getting it. I tried on this top on Friday and I was like nope, still not getting it but on Saturday morning I found myself wishing that I did so I went out and got it. (Never again...I think). The top is actually sleeveless but I just didn't feel comfortable wearing it like that so I wore another top with faux leather sleeves and I liked the finished look. Peplum has the ability to look overly girly so I paired it with boyfriend jeans to create a little balance. This is going to be a rather long week for me but hey, I got the King of kings on my side so I'm good to go. Have a lovely week guys!

"I refuse to accept the things I cannot change; I will instead, change the things I cannot accept"

Lots of love,

(I want to say a big thank you to my photographer/HOMIE Lotachukwu for taking my pictures for me. He takes 95% of my blog shots and He never complains when I ask him to take them. He says I do not give him enough credit but I think he will be pleased now. lol)

Saturday 13 October 2012


Jacket - Ebay
Jumper - Primark
Jeans - River Island
Boots - F21
Hat - Asos

This is what my outfit to uni looks like almost every day.That's why I haven't been posting daily outfit of the day but if you guys would like to see more of this, just let me know. I took out my braids because my hair was growing out and because of the length of my braids, my hair would twist about when it was not in a ponytail and my new growth started turning into knots and I knew that if I waited till the end of the month, I would be bald. I have lost majority of my front hair at the moment. Anyways, my hair colour is basically bleach gone wrong. It's way blonder than I wanted because I was on tumblr and too lazy to rinse out the bleach. (Lazy, I know). I'm still trying to figure out what to do to it now but I was brave enough to rock it  out of my house like this and weird enough, people seemed to like it. 

I'm off to grab a bite with a friend. By the way, have I mentioned lately how amazing you guys are. Your love and support is just mindblowing! I love you guys!

I was featured as FASHION BOMBSHELL OF THE DAY and I was pretty excited about that.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Lots of love,