Saturday 18 August 2018

The 26th Chapter!

I turn 26 today! WooHoo!

My birthdays are a time of reflection. I didn’t really have significant birthday parties growing up. There was my 1st birthday which I don’t remember, but there’s a picture of me with a knife and a cake, plus my mom said there was a party, so I believe her. Then there was my 10th birthday which was spent at the beach with family. That one, I remember quite vividly. It was fun at the time. There wasn’t much of anything again till my 24th birthday. That one was so significant. I got engaged to the then ‘love of my life’ and ate lobster at the same time (lobster is absolutely disgusting by the way). That was a good day. My ring was the most beautiful rose gold ring and I wasn’t sure anything could top that.