Wednesday 26 August 2020

I'm doing the "YouTube" Thing || TOMILOLA VANNA

So, I caved and decided to re-start YouTube. I know. I know. Everyone's doing it. It's so cliche now. But you know what, everyday eggs hatch all over the world to produce new birds who will find space in the sky to fly. I don't think a bird is gonna be like "everyone's doing the flying thing, so I'm not gonna". Birds are gonna do what birds do, which is "fly baby, fly".

Now, I am not a bird (at least I don't think so), but I am an over-sharer and YouTube is for sharing, right? So it's in my lane. Over-sharing brought all you wonderful people in my life and over-sharing heals the broken parts in my life, so this is normal for me.

Tuesday 18 August 2020

Toxic? Non-Toxic? I've been both.

I’m currently reading a YouVersion plan with my boyfriend that is taking us through the book of Mark in the Bible. [Keep reading even if you’re not religious – I’m going somewhere]. Anyways, we get to a few verses where Jesus is eating with tax collectors (aka bad bad sinners) and the Pharisees (teachers of the law) were not having it. They were not too excited about the prospects of sinners chilling with Jesus. Quite frankly, they were very toxic folks.


Part of reading a plan together means we get to discuss what we’ve read and what that means for us, individually. Now, as a “church girl”, I have read that chapter too many times and I have always criticized the Pharisees, but never acknowledged that I have been one. So, when my boyfriend said to me “you know, I’ve been both the Pharisee and a Tax Collector at different times in my life”, I was taken aback. But, it made me look within myself and admit same.