Hi! Welcome to my blog. My name is Tomilola Vanna. I currently live in Vancouver, Canada with my Husband and Toy Poodle named "Kabi". But before then I lived in England where I first started this blog in 2011. This is a love project for me because I wanted a space where fashion could connect people of different ages, sizes, backgrounds and faith. It is also a safe space for me to share all personal musings, lifestyle & fashion choices. There's a lot of vulnerability here and I hope you don't mind that.

I wear a lot of colour because it reflects the colourful life I live. If I could live in only one colour, it would be Yellow because why not!

I took an extended break from this space after going through some hard times, but I came back in 2022 because I remembered that this is my safe space. I hope you join me on the journey to rebuilding this.

If you would like to collaborate with me, please see the Contact Page for more info.

Thanks for being here. No, really, thank you!

Lots of love,