Sunday 27 October 2013


Saturday 19 October 2013


I wish I could say I have some genuine reason for not blogging but I honestly don't. I wasn't going anywhere apart from school which involved wearing a white shirt and a black skirt everyday. I moved to a different state and a remote part of that state for school and I was just depressed. To make matters worse, I got feasted on my bed bugs so I have the scars all over my body to prove it so that really got me down the more.

And I lost interest in blogging. Everyone who found out I was a blogger just wanted to know how much money I made from it...whether I got free stuff and all that and it made blogging just seem rather shallow to me. Most bloggers I met want to go "commercial"...whatever that means. For me, blogging was just fun. It wasn't about free stuff. It was about sharing my experiences and my style in a fun way. There is nothing wrong with wanting free stuff (that is pretty cool to be honest). But that is not why I blog. I love reading emails from women about how my post helped them with their self esteem or how something I wrote helped them retrace their steps back to God or how they just want to get to know God for the first time. Emails/comments like that.....THAT IS WHY I BLOG!!! I got so many emails and tweets asking me where I was. I also got people telling me how for them, I needed to keep blogging. The warmth all these brought to my heart is unexplainable.

I cannot promise to start regular blogging again 'cause that'll be a lie. But I can say that I'm in a good place for everyone who asked. I took a vacation with my sisters and I am lying on the beach typing this. It's hot but it is beautiful. I love it here (Dubai) and I don't want to go back home. lol. I do miss all of you. I really do. I do more stuff on instagram (well, more than here...for now), so you can check me out there: @thatescadagirl

Lots of love,
Tomilola E.