Saturday 26 March 2022

Repeat Offender


How many times can you wear one pants? The answer is as many times as you like especially when they cost CAD$166. I bought this Imad Eduso Pants right before my holiday to Tulum and wore it to a New Year's Eve Rooftop Dinner with my husband. You can watch a reel of it Here and see the couples shot Here.

The (Hidden) Curse of Sisterhood



Growing up with a sister who you look like and is a year apart is like someone signing you up for a pageant.

We received unsolicited comparisons well into our early 20s. People would walk up to us to tell us who they thought was finer. Aunties and Uncles told us who was well-mannered and who wasn’t. Who is smarter? Who is more successful? Who is hotter? Who is a better dancer? Who is a better Christian? It goes on and on.

But one thing my sister and I did, was never thought one of us was better than the other. Unsolicited comparisons was just noise. We were, still are, our greatest cheerleaders!

I’ve come to learn that:

Aren't we multidimensional?



Whenever I mention wanting a baby, people with children always tell me to relax, that it’ll happen, enjoy your marriage etc.

And it makes me wonder why those two things are mutually exclusive. Why can’t I enjoy my marriage and want a baby at the same time? Why can’t I relax and desire at the same time?