Thursday 30 July 2020

Lessons From New Love...

Let me warn you, I have no idea what direction this blog is going to take. I’m just writing whatever I want. I think that’s the beauty of growing into yourself. You realize that while it’s nice to get the approval of people, you don’t need it. Okay, back to the topic at hand.

I’m in love again. Yeap, you just read that. I’m in love again with a man (gentle reminder that I am still straight). Anyways, being in love after a long time of enjoying your single life can be such a weird space to be. Now, we are not going into the specifics of my new relationship because it’s not as juicy as you might think it is. We are just two people who laugh at and with each other.

Right, so a few years ago, I wrote about Lessons from a broken engagement. If you missed it, you can read it here. Well, I’ve been learning some lessons from new love and thought I’d share five of those lessons in this post.

You’ll have to surrender control
One of the best things about being single for a while is that you become incredibly selfish with your time and energy. It’s all about you…your feelings…your thoughts…your time. You don’t need to think about anyone else when making decisions. However, that doesn’t work much in relationships. You’re going to relearn the act of selflessness. Now, selflessness with your time and maybe money here and there – (emphasis on here and there o, don’t go lavishing on your partner anyhow o). Selfless, especially with your short-term plans (not long-term plans). That takes a lot of relearning if you were happy single.

Thursday 23 July 2020

Making a blogger's comeback?

Hi there,

I’m just going to assume I’m talking to myself now because it’s been almost two years since I posted and if we are being honest, four years since I was consistent at this. Right, what has happened since October 30, 2018? Well, lots (not really), let’s get into it.
The year is 2020 and there’s a PANDEMIC. Yeap, a highly infectious virus called “Coronavirus/COVID” is rampaging the whole world. This means the most fun anyone can have this year is to stay alive. I’m still alive hence this blog post.  We now greet each other with phrases like “Stay healthy”; “Stay safe” and “Stay masked”.