Thursday 29 September 2011


If you know me, you'll know I am  PRIMARK addict. It could be because I am a sucker for cheap things. Don't blame me, blame my account! x_x Although I have to admit that primark has become quite pricey these days but I managed to get a few things from there...I have to admit I am quite a simple girl so you're not gonna see anything extra-ordinary, but enjoy! :D
                                                          COBALT METAL TRIM CLUTCH
                                          PINK BOW & QUILT CHARM BAG
                                            WHITE BOW & QUILT CHARM BAG

                                                    BLACK & WHITE STRIPES JUMPER
                                      STRIPES BLUE & YELLOW SWEATER

                                            FUR COLLAR PIXIE BOOTS

                                          PATENT BALLET FLATS

                                                 WHITE FLATS WITH FRINGE DETAILS

                                                                   BROGUE SHOES

                                                       COBALT PANTS

                                      CHUNKY KNIT SNOOD
                                                       £5 each

So, I also went to NEW LOOK, but couldn't really shop 'cause I my hands were full already but I managed to get a pair of black pumps and some accessories. 

                                                            NEW LOOK 
                                                 I got 20% off though, student discount. 

Too lazy to take pictures of my jeweleries (gosh, I am a 2nd year Law student and I am not sure I know how to spell need Jesus).I also got lingerie/underwear, whatever you like to call it, but no need taking pictures of that...Sorry. Hope you enjoyed!! xxx