Wednesday 4 May 2011


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A letter to all Khloe Kardarshians <3

Dear KK,
Yes, I know you aren’t Khloe Kardashian but if you aren’t familiar with media, she is the 3rd sister of the Kardashian clan and she is popularly known as the “ugly one”. Yeah, I said it. “UGLY”. What is ugly and what is beautiful?? Some of us have been made to believe we are ugly because we do not fit into the world’s description of beautiful. A wise man once said beauty is skin deep and now I see what he meant. Raise your hands if you have ever felt ugly or even been called ugly (I see you). You’re not alone. I have once or twice and the first time I cried my eyes out because one boy looked at me and realized I didn’t look anything like Kim kardashian…LOL. The point is then I started putting all these make up on my face and started wearing tight skirts and forcing myself to eat so I could have “bumbum”…lol. I went to buy all sorta products so I can have a sexy face and ended up burning my face…well, that wasn’t a problem, my make up was there to cover all the scars. Sure enough, I was called beautiful with all the heavy ridiculous looking make-up, the extra padded bra and the exposing clothes, I was finally beautiful. 
Little did I know, I was ugly, deep down I was ugly because I did not love myself, but I loved all the things people wanted me to be…all the things I wasn’t. One day, I guess my life flashed in front of me and I didn’t like the picture. I had become all about the outside and my inside was all rotten and disgusting. I was vain and empty and yet, they called me beautiful. To them, I was beautiful, but to God and myself, I was real ugly. The truth is, true beauty comes from the inside, when you are beautiful on the inside, it will radiate so much that it starts to show on the outside. You won’t rely on people’s opinions and comments to know you are beautiful but you will feel it yourself. True beauty is skin deep; it isn’t what society says it is, it isn’t what boys with raging hormones say it is, it is what you say it is. It is you, it’s me. True beauty is us.
To all the khloe Kardashians out there, you are beautiful because you say you are. xxx
Khloe Kardashian-Odom