Sunday 29 July 2012


Hi guys, one of the most requested things on my blog would be my full face foundation routine and an eyebrow tutorial. I decided since you guys have supported me all the way, I am gonna adhere to the request, so here it is. I am NO MAKE-UP artist! I only do what WORKS FOR ME. Hopefully, you can learn one or two things! :) I usually do my eyebrows before foundation and those kinder things. I love eyebrows. The thickness or thinness of my eyebrows depend on my mood and the hairstyle I have on. The first thing I notice on any girl are her brows and I always want to fix it when I think it looks wrong. lol. I don't wear makeup everyday but when I do, it has to look good (in my eyes).

PS. Eyebrows are SISTERS, not TWINS!
1. Eyebrow Pencil
2. Eyebrows comb
3. Flat brush
4. Angled brush
5. MAC Prolong wear concealer  NC42 (a shade lighter)
6. Another Flat brush
7. MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC45 (my exact shade)
8. Mascara wand

STEP 1: Brush your brows with an eyebrow comb as in No. 2 above

STEP 2(a): Use your eyebrow pencil as in No. 1 above to fill in your brows with light and gentle strokes along the natural shape. Start from below.

STEP 2(b): DO NOT create a box with your pencil at the beginning of your brows

STEP 3: Use an angled brush as in No. 4 to line and clean the edges of your brows. I use my shade of concealer on the upper part of my brows and use a light shade of concealer under my brows (i.e my brow bone area)

STEP 4: Take a mascara wand as in No. 8 and brush your brows from the beginning of the brows to the end of the brows.

STEP 5: Use a flat brush as in No 3 or 6 to BLEND out that concealer girl!

STEP 6: You see those unibrows above? Take the tip of the flat brush and clean them off. Use the brush to blend out the harsh edges at the beginning of your brows

STEP 7(THE END): Your brows should look something like this. Mine is looking a bit crazy because I've got no foundation on and I haven't finished blending

Here are a few pictures of what my brows look like when I'm all done making up.

Hope this was helpful? If you have any tips and tricks for me, please let me know.
Have a lovely week! xxx

Saturday 28 July 2012


I just got around to looking at the 2012 Teens Choice Award red carpets and here are the looks I would totally wear! :D

Which looks were your favourite? 
Hope you are all having a lovely weekend? xo

Source: Yahoo

Thursday 26 July 2012


There are a couple of times I've felt like a woman and today was just one of those times.
I felt like a woman the first time I had on a RED lipstick
I felt like a woman the first time I had a long flowy WEAVE
I felt like a woman when I got my first PUSH-UP bra
I felt like a woman when I had my MAKE UP professionally done
I felt like a woman the first time I changed my brother's DIAPERS
I felt like a woman today when I wore a MINI skin tight DRESS out.
Don't get me wrong I wear a lot of fitted clothes, most of which don't make it outside my room and the ones that do will be accompanied by a blazer or a flared skirt or tights. I think it is incredibly difficult to find a mini skin-tight dress that doesn't look, (dare I say) indecent and I think I finally found one.
Of course I knew if I wore heels, I might end up looking a tad bit indecent so I stuck to my most manly summer shoes. My brogues.

"Don't judge somebody because they sin differently than you. I'm a firm believer of correction, but correction must be done with love and respect. Jesus said whoever had no sin should cast the first stone. He didn't rebuke them for speaking up, he rebuked them from trying to instill punishment"


Dress-F21// Blouse & Headband-New Look// Belt-Rare// Brogues-Primark// Bag-Fendi

Lots of love. xo

Monday 23 July 2012

Rockstar 101 ^.^

Hi guys,

It's been like forever since I've been here. I was battling mild malaria and migraine but I'm a lot better now. I went for this show called TNC on Sunday and I wore my favourite leggings! I always try to tone down my outfit whenever I'm wearing these leggings but I just didn't care really and I chanelled my rock 'n' roll side. I hope you like. I missed you guys!

Waistcoat- Byer
Top- Vista Print
Leggings- ASOS
Shoes- Christian Louboutins
Wristwatch- Versace
Hat- New Look

"Simply put, JESUS is our substitute, He was treated as a sinner so we can be treated as righteous. That is enough reason to SERVE"

Lots of love. xo

Wednesday 11 July 2012


Blazer - F21/ Leopard print blouse & Bangle & Necklace - Primark/ Wet look leggings - Ebay/ Ring - Topshop/ Clutch - Miss  Selfridge/ Shoes- New Look

"We often fail to get what we ask for from God 'cause we walk by sight and not by faith. Having faith requires a conscious decision to live beyond our 5 senses. Faith is a 6th sense"

Lots of love! xo