Saturday 26 March 2022

Aren't we multidimensional?



Whenever I mention wanting a baby, people with children always tell me to relax, that it’ll happen, enjoy your marriage etc.

And it makes me wonder why those two things are mutually exclusive. Why can’t I enjoy my marriage and want a baby at the same time? Why can’t I relax and desire at the same time?

It’s similar to married people telling single people to focus on their career instead of their desire for a relationship. Why can’t one focus on their career and desire a relationship?

Humans are multi-dimensional and we can want many things at the same time while still enjoying what we have.

In my experience, having a baby involves lots of sex. Most men (and women) love lots of sex. Sometimes, it involves disappointment, but it also involves lots of laughter - my husband once offered to lift my legs and shake it to ensure nothing spills out😂😂😂😂


Wearing this Wani Fuga Dress is a symbol of how much I've grown into myself because for one, I always thought I had to hate pink because I didn't want to be too "girly". Turns out I am very girly and happily so. The Dress is a stunner in itself so I kept everything else simple. The Gold Heels are a dupe of the Tom Ford Gold Padlock Heels and for a girl who lives on a budget and can only last an hour in heels, it made sense to skip the splurge. 

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