Tuesday 26 July 2022


Recently, I was talking to a friend about how I wanted to quit Instagram because it did nothing for my soul anymore. I talked about how blogging was always therapeutic until now. 

My friend said to me; “even when you love something, you do not feel the same way about it all the time”.

It made me realise that everything about life, goals, projects and dreams come in waves. Some days, you are absolutely in love with what you do and some days, you question everything. In some moments, the ocean is still and in other moments, it’s raging. In stillness and in rage, it’s still the ocean.

I am learning that when I love blogging and when I don’t, deep down, I’m still me. I’m still a girl who loves to write down her heart and who loves to dress up even with nowhere to go. Some days, the writer girl will show up. Some days, the fashion girl will show up. Some days, both girls will show up. Some days, none of the girls will show up. And on that day where none show up, I have to remember there’s still a girl and she’s still all of these things…just not today and that’s okay.

Here's to riding the waves.

FASHION: I'm always looking for new brands to try so imagine my excitement when a Vietnamese brand popped up on my Instagram Feed. I fell in love with the different collections on their website and settled on this Structured Peplum Top. I am wearing an XL because I was aware that the brand runs small and was probably not designed for a black woman's body, but hey, we make it work. I also liked this Top and this Top, but living within my tax bracket means I can't get it all haha. I decided to offset the seriousness of the top with a flowy pair of pants from an amazing Black Designer. The pants are now sold out, but I managed to find an Identical Pair here. I was determined to keep things monotonous as best as I could so settled on a pair of green pointees which are now sold out but found a more budget friendly version here and a similar pair from Zara. The bag and sunnies are also oldies from Zara.

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