Thursday 18 December 2014


 I know a lot of people go to fancy parties on NYE but me, I go to Church. I've always gone to church on New Year's Eve. But I decided (since I have time on my hands) to do an OOTD if I was going to a NYE party. I got this VL dress during Black Fridays Sales. I thought I could wear it to a wedding but knowing how people are so sensitive about wearing white to someone's wedding, I figured it would be a good holiday outfit. It's such a gorgeous dress that I didn't think it needed any competition in terms of shoes and accessories so I kept everything else. Let me know what you think. Would you rock this?

Virgos Lounge Dress // Asos Heels // New Look Clutch (Sold Out) // {I like this one} // H&M Bangle & Rings

Sharing Time: I know it's not Easter time but I was reading my notes where I jot down stuff I read in the Bible and I thought I should share this

John 20: Verses 1-9 talks about the resurrection story. Mary Madgelene went to the tomb and saw that Jesus was no longer there. She ran to tell Peter and another disciple. Both Peter and the other disciple began running to the tomb. The other disciple overtook Peter but when he got to the tomb, he did not enter but stood outside. When Peter finally arrived, he went straight into the tomb. Then the other disciple followed.

This verse shows that in the Christian race, it is not how fast you run that gets you to the finish line. It's how much faith you carry on the race that will take you to the finish line. You can be running fast. Get there first and still not enter the door. And someone who came after you will walk right through. As we enter the new year (by God's grace), don't run fast to nowhere.

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  1. Stunner!
    The last photo is definitely my favourite!
    Thanks for sharing too. Its never about how far but how well.

  2. Amazing blog. You have a new stalker. Mr. TSI

  3. that's such a stunning dress!

    from helen at

  4. Just Fab!! Lovely ensemble..The bible verse is such a great reminder 👌!!Thanks for sharing.. Great post x

  5. Wow the dress is amazing !!! You look stunning in it?

  6. Just discovered your blog, love it and the dress is perfect.

  7. i would totally wear this if my thighs were smaller or maybe close up the slit a little.You look lovely!

    1. Totally get what you mean about closing up the slit a little. I'm actually gonna do that myself. Thank youuuu xx

  8. Mehta a stunning dress! You look a million dollar. Merry Xmas gorgeous and thanks for passing by.


  9. Amazing dress doll, you are stunning. Mel

  10. beautiful dress !

  11. you my dear are beautiful, love your makeup and outfit

  12. girrrrrl that dress is amazeballz

  13. Thanks a lot guys. I really appreciate it and feel even prettier now. Thank you. Have an amazing Holliday xx

  14. Wow this is fabulous, you look great!! x



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