Monday, 19 March 2012


YAY!!! I finally got my braids done! Whoop Whoop!!---NOT!!! lol. It took six hours to get done and it's really heavy but I love it and I'd probably love it even more when it stops hurting...

Blazer/Shirt/Skirt- America
Wristwatch- Versace
Bangle/Socks/Brogues/Satchel- Primark
Tights- New Look

"I don't know why God loves me so much, but He does. That teaches me that people don't need to give me a reason to love them before I love them. I have to because God told me to and He's never wrong"

Have an amazing week guys...
Lots of love...xo

9 yorum:

  1. Lovely outfit. I like how you paired the plaid shirt with the floral skirt...very nice! :)

    Nice hair too!

  2. you look so cute, loving the new hair too, brings out your face, the outfit is very nice as well

  3. How do you knot up your hair? I just got my braids in too

    1. I am soo sorry I'm just replying this.
      1.) Pack it into a really high ponytail
      2.) Make a braid with the ponytail
      3.) Twist the braid around and secure it with a bobby pin

      Hope this helps...x

  4. You got braids! I love it:) your high bun is really nice and i like how you have the different color at the back!

  5. pretty outfit. love your skirt - lola x

  6. I love this outfit! the combo plaid/floral prints is very nice and I like your bun!!!

  7. oh my gosh you look so pretty and I love that bun! <3

  8. I love this!! Even better cuz I've got ur bag in black !!!! <3


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