Thursday, 1 December 2011


It’s the 1st  of another December...**excited** Santa, I swear I’ve been good. I really swear.
Although, I may have pretended to be asleep when my parents were calling me one night so I don’t do anything for them. I know I worked the house girl this summer alot because I was being alil lazy. Okay, I know, I swore never to go to club and I went for the first and last time this year.

Oh, Santa, please don’t remember the time I had to report a girl in my class for being a bully and got her into a little trouble. Or the time i farted but had to pretend that it wasn’t me. What is a girl to do santa? Huh?

I didn’t mean it when I said I’d rather die because I was really ill and tired of the pain. In fact, Santa tell God thanks for not honouring those wishes. Please forget all the mornings and nights, I didn’t pray because I didn’t feel like it.

Santa, I meant to be a good girl when I looked for my boyfriend’s trouble just for the fun of it, okay because he’s sexy when he’s mad! Yeah i said so.

Santa, mum can be stingy at times, that’s why I stole the candy that was meant for my baby brother. I was so hungry. I only missed those lectures because I thought the lecturer was punishing us, by asking us to come and i absolutely refuse to be punished.

 Santa, it’s only because my sister was silly enough to gimme her bank details, that i charged her card with some things.

Look at it this way, Santa, it could have been worse. You know. And I’ve really been good deeepp dooown this year.. you just gotta dig deeper.
Anyways, how’s it at the north pole? I’m hope you got my letter asking for those loboutins and I always wanted and the miraculous £ 1 000 000 in my account.

From your lil munchkin who has been very good all year,
Tomilola Escada.

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